Advanced Law of Attraction Workshop/ Abraham Workshop


One of the most powerful workshop based on the most powerful laws of universe. LAW OF ATTRACTION. This is a step ahead to learn and become a deliberate creator of your own life.
In this life changing workshop you will :
Learn about the 3 Laws of Attraction and their Co-relation.
Teachings of the greatest teacher of all times Abraham in a very simple and easy way.
Become a deliberate creator of your own life experiences and attract the big things that you always wanted.
These 2 days are going to be a great experience of learning a new ways of thinking and applying ,a deep inner alignment with the most powerful spiritual experience.
A life-changing opportunity to empower yourself with the eternal Laws of the Universe.
Learn: Creative Visualization How the Law of Attraction Works
Law of Attraction Manifestation Manifest Goals, Desires and Dreams
Law of Attraction Techniques

"Health is the most important thing you have in life!"

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